The Oven

Josephine’s Over The Years


The Story of the Oven


The iconic Josie’s pizza oven has quite the history. The oven was boated in from Italy via the Panama Canal to San Francisco. From there, it was trucked all the way to Indiana and was craned into the building. The back of the building was built around the oven.

It begins with the strike of match, next you’ll hear the satisfying crackle of chopped burning wood while smelling the sweet smoky aroma, then your eyes watch the warm glow of flames dancing around the dough, transforming it into what pizza should be, authentic! Our custom built pizza oven heats up and fires out pizza like you’ve never experienced before. The crust is crunchy, the cheese is perfectly melted, you’ll forget you’re in Indiana and think you’re enjoying a slice in Italy.

Our wood fired oven’s design separates us from other pizza shops. The smoky flavor from the fire infuses the dough. You can’t encapsulate that distinct taste by using a regular oven. Every time we fire up our oven, we have to start from scratch by removing the remaining burning embers and adding a fresh stack of chopped wood. You can’t get authentic from a regular oven. Join us and experience a piece of Italy.